LBA Ware Client Testimonials

US Mortgage has quadrupled in size over the last five years, and as a result, our compensation plans and employment agreements have grown far more complex, creating a much larger burden of responsibility for our payroll managers. CompenSafe provides us with a scalable compensation calculation solution that has made our payroll department twice as efficient and provided a massive degree of transparency to our loan originators. One of our core strategies is finding better ways to empower people, and I think you can empower people through information. Our LOs now feel more empowered and connected to the payroll process. From a use-case standpoint, our payroll team is now spending most of their time auditing payroll results, rather than creating them, which is a much more efficient use of their time.

Scott Milner, US Mortgage Corporation

CompenSafe provides tremendous value to our organization. Not only does the system save us time on payroll and commission processing, it also has a robust suite of reports and analytics that you might find in tools costing thousands of dollars a month. We really looked at it like getting two tools for the price of one.”

John Watry, Inlanta Mortgage

Loan originator compensation is a major issue for lenders. Integrating to LBA Ware’s CompenSafe product allows our clients to track and analyze their compensation plans more easily and with better insight. This affirms our belief that an open API model allows our clients to address their most critical business issues specifically and efficiently.”

Tim Nguyen, LendingQB

Since implementing CompenSafe, the amount of time and frustration our payroll team experiences have decreased significantly, and our LOs have better visibility into their anticipated compensation each month, which they love. In addition, having compensation systematically calculated and captured has reduced the amount of time and effort required to produce accurate financials.

Aubrey Ratchford, Movement Mortgage

CompenSafe saves my department over 100 hours per month.”

Ingrid Braud, PrimeLending, A PlainsCapital Company

The biggest improvement since using CompenSafe is knowing where each LO and the branch stands.”

Jeff Williams, Gateway Mortgage Group

I love it!”

Barbara Huttsell, Churchill Mortgage Corporation

As a growing lender, the commissions accounting process was becoming increasingly manually intensive for us; however, we also see the ability to be more creative and customized with compensation and commission as a competitive advantage in retaining top talent. We chose to implement CompenSafe because it directly addressed our two main concerns: increasing productivity to keep manufacturing costs down and increasing customization to enable us to create a better compensation experience for our loan officers.”

Jason Madeido, Alterra Home Loans

Lori’s extensive background in business gives her a tremendous advantage over most programmers. In the past, I have worked with talented programmers that had no understanding of my business processes. The results were expensive and unproductive. Lori’s background allows her to intuitively avoid such pitfalls, producing an end product that exceeds expectations.”

Tino Sheridan, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation

We are extremely pleased with the CompenSafe product. Commission statement calculations are going from complicated spreadsheet calculations to a simple push of the button. Accurate, dependable and compliant, with great support for our team members. CompenSafe is going to take us to the next level as we continue to grow in size! LBA Ware took the time (and huge amounts of patience) to learn to our complex needs – and delivered a stellar product. #nomorespreadsheets”

Amy Reynolds, Mortgage Lenders of America

Of all the software implementations we’ve been through, CompenSafe is the most value laden and best bang for the buck.”

Stephen Bennett, BBMC Mortgage

We have significantly reduced the time to calculate commissions [with CompenSafe]. Our branch managers love that they can view commission at any time and don’t have to wait for a report”

Lakiesha McDaniel, Nations Lending Corporation

CompenSafe really is an extraordinarily useful tool for tracking loans and compensation and for setting up comp structures. It has helped us manage all of this much more effectively.”

Brandon Palma, Churchill Mortgage Corporation

Pulaski Bank is using CompenSafe for commission reporting and loan officer payroll. We have a great relationship with LBA Ware who has provided the support and tools necessary for us to run our commission reporting through their software. They are a vendor who listens to what your company needs to run their business and works with you to accomplish your goals. As I am sure you are aware, there are so many ways commission can be structured and paid to a loan officer. Lori and her team worked with us to support our commission structure. Our team has requested many different types of reports from finance to LO production, all of which CompenSafe created specifically for our bank. We also use the system to build a file that is imported to our payroll system for the payroll. This file was custom built to our pay types and company codes. Pulaski Bank not only has bank loan officers but we also have three joint ventures all of which commissions are processed in CompenSafe.”

Lisa Birmingham, Pulaski Bank (now Busey Bank)

Commission totals are more accurate”

Linda Higgins, First State Bank of St. Charles

CompenSafe allows me to track ranking which is a driving force for production.”

Marc Suits, Gateway Mortgage Group

Finally I know what loans I have been paid on and how much!

Karl Weiss, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation

My biggest improvement since using CompenSafe is managing my branch’s production and pipeline.”

Scott Cain, Busey Bank

Transparency with employees has been the biggest improvement since using CompenSafe.”

Julianne Vargus, Nations Lending Corporation

Branch budgeting for compensation has been a big improvement with CompenSafe.”

David Scheiderich, InterLinc Mortgage Services

CompenSafe allows me to monitor payroll expectations and volume per type. It allows me to look at one report for locks, volume and expirations. Reviewing my pipeline motivates me to do more.”

Jackie Crew, InterLinc Mortgage Services

I had very limited knowledge of CompenSafe when I began a new position that utilizes the software and I found it very user friendly. Anytime I have an issue or need help, the service team goes above and beyond to quickly find a solution.”

Amber Francis-Smith, Busey Bank

My biggest improvement since using CompenSafe has been mentally competing with my peers. It has helped improve my performance by allowing my stats to be measured against my peers.”

Robert F Scholl Jr., Silverton Mortgage Specialists

Being able to actually see monthly production has been a big improvement with CompenSafe.”

Heather Woods, Nations Lending Corporation

I have less loan fallout with CompenSafe.”

Steve Trautwein, Churchill Mortgage Corporation

CompenSafe makes me more competitive with fellow employees.”

Karen O’Donovan, Silverton Mortgage Specialists

Being able to see which funded loans fall under the pay period takes a lot of guessing out of payroll each week.”

Sarah Martin, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation

I am more informed of where I stand in relation to other LOs anytime I want or need to know.”

Chuck Wells, Reliant Bank Mortgage

Ways CompenSafe Helps Envoy Mortgage Thrive

Everyone’s got data but a lot of that data is useless if it isn’t actionable. [CompenSafe] helped us to not only make the data actionable, but it provided us with one place to go to daily. Before, if a branch was doing tons of volume but losing money, nobody knew why. The finance department might but not your sales team; unless they were made up of forensic accountants with formal training into analytics. But what we’re able to do now with the software is serve up the exact data branch managers need in bite sized, digestible pieces every day.”

Jim Hopkins, Envoy Mortgage

CompenSafe has helped improve my performance by letting me know where I stand and where I’m going.”

Rachel Pruneda Gomez

Payroll is extremely easy and can be done in a matter of minutes!”

Sarah Haberkorn

CompenSafe keeps me motivated in funding loans. Volume has increased simply by watching my performance.”

Annette Moreau

Tracking payroll, commissions and overrides has been a big improvement with CompenSafe.”

Mark Setaro

CompenSafe rankings keeps me motivated to stay at a certain level.”

Melissa Mason

The biggest improvements with CompenSafe is having up to date status on compensation, loan closing volume and status on ranking.”

Gary A Bracht

An amazing tool to help any retail organization in the field of performance tracking! Amazing job!”

Josh Iturrino

I’ve seen a big improvement being able to monitor LO activity using scorecards.”

Tony Votaw

I love seeing everyone’s funding numbers. It tells me that I can improve and pushes me harder to be better, brighter and smarter. It’s a real eye opener.”

Beth Orrell

CompenSafe keeps me updated on the progress of my loans so I know if anything is missing.”

Melisa Deel

CompenSafe frees up time so I can do my job better.”

Jason J. Bower

LBA Ware provides an invaluable technical solution/application to the Envoy organization that has saved me 100’s of hours of work. Their applications are comprehensive and intuitive, a very unique combination in today’s market.”

Philip Artt

Strong Solutions Built by Strong Leadership

Lori Brewer, Founder & CEO Testimonials

Lori is an amazing leader. She has created a strong team and company that is able to adapt to any customer requirements in which need customized coding. Both Lori and her team are subject matter experts with the various types of mortgage LOS systems. With their expertise, skills, adaptability, and thoroughness in pre-sales and post sales client meetings for integration projects we were able to make our client integrations a success. I highly recommend Lori and her company.”

Kathleen McCormack, Top of Mind Networks

I’ve worked with Lori on several projects of varying size. Each time she delivered an exceptional result. You’ll find her very responsive and capable of bringing out the best in your team as you scope out what’s needed. Hiring Lori and her team is a low risk decision.”

Bobby Welch, Austin RE Leaders

Lori has provided us with assistance designing custom Morvision forms. She did so in timely and extremely cost-effective manner. She also provided excellent documentation regarding her work and is knowable enough about mortgages to communicate directly with our mortgage business unit to understand the scope of the engagement.”

Jerry Siegel, Sr., Auburn Bank

Lori has been a wonderful asset to our organization. She is super easy to work with and can do ANYTHING! She is AWESOME!”

Sallie Smith, Southcoast Community Bank

Considering we are now firmly in the recovery period on eight of our twelve acquisitions, the FDIC along with third party auditors focus very heavily on recoveries. They were already familiar with SAP from our first 5 year period of loss sharing but they were simply thrilled with the development of the recovery module. They stated that no other assuming institution has anything like it. I was under the impression that other banks use excel or other methods for tracking recovery related data. They were pleased with the amount of detail and organization of all things recovery. Overall, SAP is and has been a huge success with the FDIC and auditing teams for the past few years as they started weighing much more heavily on the details, timelines and tracking for all loss share assets.”

Petra Matic, State Bank & Trust Company

Great to work with. Lori is able to communicate very effectively and not get caught up in the “tech talk” and takes our ideas and translates them into a usable product. They offer very helpful suggestions and especially tech issues that we would not have thought about on our own. Lori truly works with you in a partnership type relationship and takes ownership of her responsibilities. I would recommend her highly!”

Steve Wood, Adel Banking Company

Lori is an excellent resource to me and my organization. I have used her on many projects and she has done a tremendous job ensuring that our needs are met and met on time. Technically, one of the best resources I have engaged. She is truly a part of my tool kit.”

Steven W. Guerry, State Bank & Trust Company

Lori is very talented, with a vision for helping her team achieve goals and improve service, with ease and expediency. She is very adept at planning and organizing, and fosters an environment of optimism and encouragement. She excels in the technical aspects of her position, and she pays close attention to detail. Working with Lori is always enjoyable and pleasant, and her knowledge is unsurpassed!”

Patti Hale, Prospect Mortgage