LOS Talker for MortgagebotLOS

Auxiliary solution enhancing D+H MortgagebotLOS

LOS Talker for MortgagebotLOS complements your D+H MortgagebotLOS by providing added functionality for easy report writing and flat file integrations. LOS Talker for MortgagebotLOS structures your MortgagebotLOS loan data in an organized manner, providing data consistency and shorter development windows for your reporting and integration needs. We handle all the backend schema so you receive a normalized view of your loan and borrower data and can remain focused on originating and closing more loans.
Support for migrating to D+H MortgagebotLOS.
Reduce process delays and development windows for reporting.
Helps drive productivity and revenue growth.

Database Design, Data Integration, and Business Process Logic

Automatically extracts loan data from MortgagebotLOS :
  • Exports new and updated loan records from the DataMart on a scheduled, recurring basis throughout the day.
  • Tracks every loan from application, to funding, to servicing, gathering, updating, and organizing loan data along the way.
  • Utilizes the dependable ETL process whereby the loan’s DataMart loanGeneral_ID never changes, using the LenderRegistrationIdentifier as the primary key instead.
Performs data validation based on specific business logic:
  • Translates, encodes, and maps data values to match servicing system’s property values in preparation of extracting closed and funded loans.
  • Structures and transforms loan data to improve search performance.
  • Stores all loan, borrower, and metadata in an indexed and relational database.
Prepares extracted and transformed MortgagebotLOS loan data for your specific needs:
  • Updates existing data with extracted and transformed loan data.
  • Converts loan data into consistent value formats for scheduled or on-demand queries.
  • Creates import ready flat files of all funded loan data for direct uploading to your servicing system.

MortgagebotLOS Integration Solution and Report Enhancement

D+H MortgagebotLOS is an efficient application for streamlining the loan origination process. It contains a great deal of borrower information that you rely on to do your job. With LOS Talker for MortgagebotLOS , you can now do more and get more from MortgagebotLOS.
Our inherent knowledge and understanding of the loan origination process and bank architectures equips us with the necessary skills to provide exceptional database design, data integration, and optimized business process logic to help you remain competitive in today’s market.
Contact us today to learn more about how you can engage in optimized and efficient lending by utilizing LOS Talker for MortgagebotLOS.