Integrating data from your loan origination system to your CRM

LOS Talker

for CRM

LOS Talker for CRM is designed for top producing loan originators seeking timely data transfers and improved production efficiency for automating in-process and post-close marketing communications.

Clarity Through Closing

By pulling new and updated loan file information and status changes from your loan origination system and pushing it to your CRM, your sales teams can focus their time on generating more business and less on manual CRM maintenance. Plus, with near real-time integration, LOS Talker for CRM has the added benefit of enabling you to provide borrowers with complete transparency into the status of their loan.
Seamless Integration with Top Loan Origination Systems
  • Encompass
  • Byte
  • OpenClose
  • MortgageDashboard
  • ProLender
  • Lending QB
  • Calyx Point
  • PC Lender
  • D+H MortgageBot
  • Mortgage Builder
SurefireConnect _LOS Integration

Integration Catered to Your Unique Business Processes

With integration filters and loan exclusion parameters, LOS Talker for CRM gives you complete control over what loan files are pushed to your CRM and when.
Integration filters & Loan Exclusions:
  • Loan Channel
  • Loan Product Type
  • Loan Originator
  • Lien Purpose
  • Property Type
  • Loan Purpose

Mortgage Marketing Made Easy

By collaborating with our well-versed LOS Talker for CRM project managers, you’ll receive a detailed mapping workbook that matches each in process email campaign to the loan statuses utilized in your LOS.
Status Mapping Workbook:
  • Triggers seamless automated integration of your loan pipeline data.
  • Integration when you need it.
  • No limit to the number of statuses mapped.
  • Transparently detects and sends updated loan and borrower files to CRM.
  • Painless CRM Maintenance.
SurefireConnect _custom integration

Right Data at Right Time

Prior to company-wide rollout, we put LOS Talker for CRMthrough a thorough testing process to assure the right loan data is getting pulled out of your LOS and sent to your mortgage CRM at the right time. Our beta testing process is down pat so there’s very little, if any at all, impact on your LO’s, business partners, and borrowers.
Data Validation & Testing:
SurefireConnect _integration testing
  • LO assignments & NMLS numbers match
  • Field level data accuracy
  • Status level data accuracy
  • On time loan file start time & stop time integration
  • CRM email campaign automation accuracy

Foolproof Contact Manager

Our sophisticated technology provides your sales teams with a foolproof contact manager that enhances your lending operations AND borrower experiences. With a completely automated mortgage marketing database, you remove the risk of outdated or incorrect information and untimely progress notifications.
Combining the power of automation, information, and workflow integration technology, LOS Talker for CRM is helping mortgage lenders of all sizes engage in optimized and efficient lending. Contact us today to get started.