Scorecards are one of CompenSafe’s most utilized features for its performance monitoring framework. This productivity monitoring tool automatically captures and reports the performance and profitability of each loan originator, branch, and region within your mortgage lending organization. 

I’ve seen a big improvement being able to monitor LO activity using scorecards.”

Tony Votaw
Branch Manager, Envoy Mortgage

Analytics embedded within your loan origination process

Because CompenSafe seamlessly integrates with your LOS, extracting the most recent loan activity, and automatically collating it based on your company’s key performance metrics, our scorecards present intuitive on-demand insight into your sales, operations, and performance without adding any steps to the origination process.

Total visibility into your mortgage lending performance

Designed for your LO’s, sales teams, branch managers, and company stakeholders, CompenSafe’s scorecards:
  • Provide specific measurable evaluations,
  • Reveal top producers,
  • Motivate positive competitiveness among originators, and
  • Measure and communicate performance in easy to comprehend metrics.

Proactively manage your mortgage lending operations

Driving growth relies on monitoring key performance indicators effectively. Scorecards automatically provide you with the information you need to measure and monitor performance, gain insight to guide strategy, analyze profitability, and make proactive future based decisions effectively.

Loan Officer Scorecard

LO Scorecards let your loan originators constantly evaluate their own productivity and compare performance relative to others across the organization.

My biggest improvement since using CompenSafe has been mentally competing with my peers. It has helped improve my performance by allowing my stats to be measured against my peers.”

Robert F. Scholl Jr.
Senior Loan Consultant, Silverton Mortgage Specialists

Management Scorecard

Branch and region Scorecards represent the performance and productivity of all active loan officers assigned to the specific branch or region. By providing aggregate totals and averages, the Management Scorecards make it easy for managers to find trend data and use it to guide strategy to reach operational efficiency.

CompenSafe allows me to track ranking which is a driving force for production.”

Marc Suits
Sales Manager, Gateway Mortgage Group
Mortgage Bankers commission accounting

Corporate Scorecard

Corporate Scorecards are especially useful in evaluating the overall health of your lending institution. Supplying total visibility into the performance of your organization, the Corporate Scorecard acts as a road map to:
  • Uncover trends by analyzing production year after year,
  • Establish accountability and standards of expectations,
  • Evaluate profit margins, risks, expected profits and losses,
  • Quickly identify inefficiencies, and
  • Develop sales goals, ideals, and values.
With CompenSafe’s Scorecards embedded within your workflow, you gain more insight into performance without adding any additional steps to the process. Scorecards are an efficient way to monitor sales activity, operational activity, progress and movement, evaluate success, and uncover trends by having the metrics that matter most at your fingertips.
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