CompenSafe’s Report Directory provides a fast approach for accessing and exporting reports for all your mortgage lending operational needs. It organizes the constant flow of loan and borrower data in your loan origination system into job-specific reports that help you make well-informed decisions. In one place, you have access to reports grouped into categories including production projections, pipeline and activity, payroll, audit, and management, so you can get what you need without having to run multiple reports across various systems.

Production Reports

  • LO & branch projections
  • Loan volume by employee, branch, and by region
  • Production by role
  • Loans funded by type and by purpose
  • Pull through by LO and by investor

Payroll Reports

  • Commission and bonus summary
  • Employee draws
  • Payroll advances and recoverable earnings
  • Compensation summary by loan closed
  • Confirmation of compensation schedules

Audit Reports

  • Payroll transaction details
  • Compensation verification
  • Watch list
  • Loan pipeline fallout
  • Milestone progress averages

Branch managers love that they can view commission at any time and don’t have to wait for a report.”

Lakiesha McDaniel
Business Analyst, Nations Lending Corporation

Helping you Deliver to CFPB Compliance Requirements

With automated tracking and reporting of every loan officer commission calculation and transaction, CompenSafe helps you deliver to CFPB LO compensation compliance requirements. Lend confidently knowing all events are automatically tied to detailed loan records.
CompenSafe’s Report Directory is designed so you have relevant up-to-date information when you need it. Feel confident going into your next sales meeting knowing you have accurate information to make decisions and take action.
CompenSafe Report Directory
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