CompenSafe LO Dashboard

Efficiently Monitor Your Mortgage Lending Performance

loan officer dashboard is front page of our automated compensation and sales performance software
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Turn Your LOS Data into Job-Specific Business Intel

By seamlessly integrating with your loan origination system (LOS), CompenSafe captures pertinent data as loans move from application through funding. It turns the influx of data stored in your LOS into actionable insight about your loan production. CompenSafe’s role-based loan officer dashboard provides a graphic summary of key high level progress and performance data that guides you to the drilled down loan level details you need to close more loans.

Everyone’s got data but a lot of that data is useless if it isn’t actionable…[CompenSafe] helped us to not only make the data actionable, but provides us with one place to go to daily.”

Jim Hopkins
Regional Vice President, Envoy Mortgage
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All-In-One Loan Monitoring

With easy-to-understand widgets, the interactive LO Dashboard presents the most significant information about your loan portfolio in a single place. Use the LO Dashboard to monitor interest rate locks, loan pipeline progress, expiring locks, and sales trends.
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Interest Rate Locks & Revenue

Forecasting is made easier than ever before with the Interest Rate Locks & Revenue reporting tool. Loan originators have complete insight into estimated commissions for locked and expired loans, all the while providing branch managers with a place to monitor estimated revenue including branch margin and commission expenses.

At-A-Glance Loan Pipeline

Quickly analyze where opportunities for growth present itself with the LO Dashboard loan pipeline tool. With loans organized by milestone status, the pipeline tool displays a snapshot of total loan volume in each phase of the loan origination process, you gain real-time insight into productivity to comparing to your loan production goals.

Early Warning System

Acting as an early warning system for locks expiring within the next seven days, the Expiring Locks tool helps you stay on top of locked loans and maintain a competitive pull-thru rate. Plus, with one click of a button, you have borrowers contact information to notify them of the upcoming deadline.

Sales Planning & Forecasting

Know your market inside and out with a 360 degree view into your sales trends. With two pie charts depicting your historical loan volume by loan product type and one by loan purpose, you gain valuable insight into your target market for all your sales planning and forecasting needs.
With CompenSafe already embedded within your workflow you gain a realm of insight into your production without having to add any additional steps to the loan origination process. Request a live demo to see for yourself how CompenSafe will help you engage in optimized and efficient lending.
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