CompenSafe Loan Pipeline

Realtime Progress Reports & Pipeline Management Tools

CompenSafe’s Pipeline is built to give producers a visual snapshot of current loan activity. It tracks the statuses and activity dates of a loan’s progression from application through funding. Each aspect of CompenSafe’s Pipeline feature exposes efficiencies and areas in need of improvement to help you remain a top producer.

CompenSafe Pipeline Nested

CompenSafe allows me to look at one report for locks, volume and expirations. Reviewing my pipeline motivates me to do more.”

Jackie Crew
Loan Originator, InterLinc Mortgage Services
CompenSafe Pipeline status timeline

Pipeline Status Report

The Pipeline status report displays the day-to-day progression of loans in the pipeline to help you pinpoint exactly where time is spent the most. This timeline report pulls the activity dates directly from your LOS, tallying the number of days it takes the loan to move through each step of the process.

Early Warning System

CompenSafe’s Pipeline provides a color coded visual presentation for each event throughout the loan origination process. As an early warning system, the Pipeline report lets you quickly identify where your loans currently stand, what items have been ordered and received, and what is still outstanding.
CompenSafe Pipeline

Customized User Views

There are a number of filter options available within the CompenSafe Pipeline for customizing the screen to your exact needs. Looking to see only loans that have been processed, submitted to underwriting, or clear to close? Or how about only loans that are approved with conditions by underwriting? Whatever the case may be, the loan pipeline provides the view you need.
LO & Branch Views:
Drill down to view a specific branch’s pipeline activity or that of an individual loan officer.
Lock Status Views:
Filter your pipeline to only see loans with a certain interest rate lock status.
Loan Status Views:
Pinpoint the exact details you’re looking for by filtering the Pipeline to reveal only loans that are in a specific loan status.
With CompenSafe already embedded within your workflow you gain a realm of insight into your production without having to add any additional steps to the loan origination process. Request a live demo to see how CompenSafe will help you engage in optimized and efficient lending.
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