FREE REPORT: Inefficiencies & Risks of Using Spreadsheets to Manage Your Mortgage Lending Operations

Spreadsheets are a great tool – they’re familiar and comfortable; easy to print, share, and present data; and they are compatible across operating systems. But, they are also highly inefficient, prone to errors, time-consuming, and redundant

The most common errors associated with the use of spreadsheets include inaccurate data caused by mis-keyed data or typos; errors inherited from reusing spreadsheets caused by inconsistency in revised versions, a lack of system integration and a failure to update; errors by inappropriately using built-in functions; and users misinterpreting the output or report due to an incorrect understanding of the spreadsheets’ reasoning.

This report further explores the specific inefficiencies of using spreadsheets to manage your mortgage lending and offers suggestions as to why replacing spreadsheets with automation and integration software is a more efficient solution.

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