Optimizing Mortgage Lending & Retail Banking Management Through Automation & Integration

As the mortgage industry’s only web-based software for automated loan officer commission, processor bonus, and other commission based employees compensation calculations, CompenSafe increases branch efficiency, productivity and profitability by eliminating repetitive, manual calculations and dual data entry.

Integrating with industry leading LOS & lead management CRM software providers, LOS Talker replaces the need for loan officers to manually update loan data files & risk missing in-process marketing & sales opportunities that often occur with existing spreadsheet management systems.

Managing your construction lending is simplified with DRAW, our newest Software as a Service, that assists in the day-to-day oversight of construction loan portfolios by leveraging data integration between your core banking platform, onsite third-party inspectors, and home builders.
Our software applications help 1000’s of lenders engage in optimized and efficient lending.

LO Dashboard: Quickly review high level summary data or drill down to loan level details without ever opening a second web browser. Learn More

Report Directory: Lend confidently knowing every compensation calculation and transaction is automatically recorded to help you deliver to CFPB LO compensation requirements. Learn More

Automated Commission Calculation: Simplify your compensation process and remove painpoints that come with managing payroll on spreadsheets. Learn More

Scorecards: Whether your goal is to close a certain number of loans per month or cut down the number of days from application to closing, Scorecards let you easily monitor performance. Learn More

Lending & Banking Automation Software (LBA Ware) is driving innovation in mortgage and retail banking operations. Our software applications are engineered by motivated developers who understand the business challenges facing lenders in today’s fast-paced, compliance-centric world. We are leveraging automation to ease the pain points associated with manual data entry and helping lenders maximize productivity and operational efficiency. If your lending process repeatedly requires updating a multi-tabbed spreadsheet, then chances are we can help.
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– Steven W. Guerry, State Bank & Trust Company