DRAW simplifies the extensive construction lending process and fills a void in the market by providing integrated functionality for tracking draw disbursements, inspections, and construction lending details that other banking software typically does not have. As a completely web-based software solution, DRAW offers a single place to monitor construction loan portfolios and accelerate the draw disbursement process.
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Integrated User Interfaces

DRAW provides complete control over active loans by seamlessly connecting multiple organizational departments, clients, and their party vendors through secure online portals. Users have access to the information they need, when they need it.
streamlined draw process

Streamlined Draw Process

DRAW streamlines the extensive draw request process by seamlessly integrating with the core banking platform or loan origination system (LOS). It provides loan officers, processors, and loan administrators access to the information they need to maintain balanced loans throughout the entire construction lifecycle.

Internal Online Portal

As DRAW seamlessly connects to the LOS, it syncs daily to ensure all loan files, transactions, and statuses in the lender portal is up-to-date. Disbursements and loan draws are reconciled daily as well, ensuring draw disbursements match actual loan debits and deposit account credits.
software to manage construction loan draws
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Homebuilder Client Portal

Builders, general contractors, construction managers, or other approved employees of borrowers see real time statuses on their loans while logged in to the client portal. Users have access to draw transaction history, inspection reports, lending limits, and master guideline details. The client-facing online portal exposes all client related records so manual reports do not need to be generated and emailed on a periodic basis. Instead, the clients have access to view and download loan record content as needed.

Inspector Portal

Typical banking software is unable to track onsite inspections, requiring this information to be manually entered at a later time. DRAW’s inspector portal allows the inspector to create inspection reports from a phone, tablet, or computer, removing the risk of error making and need to create manual reports.
software to track construction loan inspections

DRAW is a robust software application that manages construction lending, removing the need to manually update loan files across disparate systems.

Additional DRAW Benefits:

  • Automated Communication
  • Budget-Driven Draws
  • Total Visibility of Loan Progress
  • Automated Loan Detail Records
  • On-Demand Report Generation
  • Unlimited Users & Cloud Server Hosting Space