Do Your KPIs Align with Your Core Values, Strategy and Corporate Culture? By Mari Denton, Director of Client Success at LBA Ware How do you communicate your strategic goals to your loan originators? It’s not a rhetorical question — though it is a philosophical one. Answering it honestly will help you identify opportunities to better align your KPIs with your core values, which in turn will drive better business results. Let’s say you are Read More

LBA Ware’s Director of Business Development, Finn Klemann, shares three process improvement tips for managing compensation across multiple loan origination channels.

One way to combat the high cost of loan originator turnover and improve the longevity of your top performers is to build a data-driven strategy that dives into what’s causing the churn. Here’s a 6-step approach to help you get started

How high is loan originator turnover — and what’s behind it? LO turnover is both common and costly. Managing it effectively is essential to an organization’s success. In part 1 of a 2-part blog series, we reveal the true cost LO turnover has on your business.

It doesn’t matter if you provide better experiences; some borrowers only see the difference in the numbers. When concessions need to be made, does your team have accurate numbers to make informed decisions? This blog post explains how you can tighten up your rate and fee concession process with accurate compensation numbers.

The competition for top loan originator talent is fiercer than ever, and often compensation is a lender’s best bargaining chip. This blog post explains the differences between retroactive and non-retroactive comp plans to help lenders who are considering turning to retroactive comp plans as a sustainable way to stand out from the crowd in the talent race.

Georgia-based and FDIC-insured United Community Bank started using LBA Ware’s CompenSafe to efficiently and compliantly automate commissions for its 80 loan originators and loan processors.

With margins as tight as they are in the current market, lenders must leave no stone unturned when it comes to managing costs. To solve this conundrum, we provide suggestions lenders can adopt to help shape a shared marketing expense strategy.