LBA Ware’s CompenSafe Hits $1 Billion in LO Compensation Calculations Company also achieves significant year-over-year growth in 2017 MACON, Ga., January 26, 2018 – LBA Ware, a leading provider of automated incentive compensation software and systems integration solutions for mortgage lending and retail banking, announced their sales incentive platform CompenSafe™ calculated $1 billion in lifetime origination commissions and operational bonuses in 2017. LBA Ware also experienced notable year-over-year growth, marked by a 152 percent increase Read More

Key Take Aways from LBA Ware’s 2016 Data Report Our first annual data report takes a close look at loan volume and compensation trends driving today’s mortgage industry. Here are a few of the key take aways we pulled from 2016. 443% Year-Over-Year Increase in Total Loan Volume View more $56,099,278,891 in total loan volume processed on CompenSafe for 2016; up from $10,326,678,286 in 2015. 247,845 loans closed in 2016; up from 49,933 in 2015. Read More

Conquer Complexity of Preparing for CFPB Audits with Automated Compensation With the record retention requirements imposed by the CFPB’s LO Compensation Rule, there’s no such thing as having too much documentation. When preparing for a CFPB audit, it’s imperative to have back up documentation that supports and justifies every dollar of compensation paid to loan originators. Not only does the CFPB want to know the factors influencing compensation and how the compensation was calculated, but Read More

How to process mortgage lender compensation in 5 painless STEPS Tired of having to go dark for days on end each payroll period? With CompenSafe, your mortgage lending payroll process only takes 5 steps to complete. Managing compensation plans and the complex calculations involved are major pain points in today’s mortgage lending industry. Between the manual calculations using error-prone spreadsheets, to all the disconnected systems that don’t integrate with each other and lack real-time information, Read More

How to Automate Loan Officer Compensation in 5 Easy Steps [Infographic] There’s no denying it – commission and incentive pay plans are complex and complicated. With all the “if this, then that” scenarios that come into play, it’s like peeling back the layers of an onion; each layer making you want to cry more and more. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways CompenSafe helps ease the pain of managing mortgage compensation. Take for instance, Read More