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How much are you paying your mortgage support staff?

Do you know how much you’re paying your support staff and operations team on a per loan basis? CompenSafe does. As mentioned in Bonnie Sinnock’s recent article on, “Why mortgage support staff bonuses are so high,” total compensation paid to support and operations staff – that is, bonuses paid to loan originator assistants, processors, closers, and managers – averages $599 per loan, and based on CompenSafe’s trending data, we wouldn’t be surprised if this number continues to increase.
LBA Ware CompenSafeWhile CompenSafe’s biggest return on investment is its ability to automate the entire loan compensation process (i.e. removing manual excel-hell from the equation), it is also a centralized data repository, providing key insights into your organization that spreadsheets simply can’t.
Contact us today to learn more about how CompenSafe can help your organization automate its compensation process and gain invaluable insight into profitability.
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