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This press release was originally published by HousingWire here: HousingWire Announces HW TECH100 

HousingWire Announces 2015 HW TECH100

DALLAS, TX–(HousingWire – Mar 2, 2015) – HousingWire announced the release of the 2015 HW TECH100™, its annual list of the 100 most innovative technology companies serving the U.S. mortgage finance and real estate industries.

More than 250 companies were evaluated by HousingWire editors for this year’s program, which looks at technology innovation along six different categories: uniqueness of solution, growth, market influence, market potential, elegance of implementation, and “something else entirely”—a catch-all for disruption and other factors that drive innovation.

“Because of the wide breadth of technology this program looks at, being named to the HW TECH100™ is a distinct honor and something each of this year’s honorees should be proud of,” said Paul Jackson, Publisher and CEO at HousingWire. “Our team of editors puts in more than 400 combined hours each year to make this program a reality.”

In addition to naming 100 companies to this year’s HW TECH100™, HousingWire editors selected category winners for each of the six categories that define the contest. Receiving category recognition in 2015 were:

  • Unique solution: CoreLogic’s CondoSafe solution, which aggregates key data on condo owners associations (COAs) for lenders underwriting mortgage loans.
  • Growth: Blend, an extensible software platform for the mortgage industry that has seen over 14,000 percent growth in the number of loans processed through its platform since mid-2014.
  • Market influence: Veros, whose appraisal technology touches more than 90 percent of all loan originations in the United States.
  • Market potential:, an online real estate marketplace now backed by Google’s investment arm that’s attempting to move the business of real estate transactions online—from start to finish.
  • Elegant implementation: RedHawk Research’s Jonah platform offers an advanced UI designed for managers of distressed asset portfolios.
  • Something else entirely: Comergence Compliance Monitoring provides a data-driven solution for monitoring third-party loan originators and appraisers.

“This year, we were struck by the level of innovation we saw, with 40 new additions to the HW TECH100™,” said Jacob Gaffney, Executive Editor at HousingWire. “That speaks to how much change is taking place in the mortgage industry overall right now; we’re seeing a lot of market disruption, and technology providers are clearly taking advantage of that opportunity.”

More information about the 2015 HW TECH100™ is available at:


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