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Churchill joins list of Mortgage Banks who are Optimizing their Loan Officer Compensation

Today, LBA Ware celebrates the launch of Churchill Mortgage on their leading application – CompenSafe LO Dashboard. Churchill becomes the latest mortgage bank to take advantage of LBA Ware’s web-based software solution that provides compensation automation, tracking, and reporting for Loan Officers, Processors, and Branch Personnel.

Providing real-time, transparent integration with the bank’s Loan Origination System (LOS) by sitting harmoniously between the LOS and the bank’s payroll system, CompenSafe is the mortgage industry’s sole solution for automated Loan Officer commission and bonus calculations. Churchill, who utilizes the Encompass LOS, joins a client base that already includes Residential Bancorp, Interlinc Mortgage, Pulaski Bank, Silverton Mortgage, and Envoy Mortgage who’s been utilizing the CompenSafe for five years.

“CompenSafe has provided the support and tools necessary for us to run our commission reporting,” said Lisa Birmingham, VP of Information Systems at Pulaski Bank. “There are so many ways commissions can be structured and paid to a loan officer. CompenSafe works with us to build schedules and allocations to support our commission structure.”

Most loan origination systems do not include functionality for automated commission and bonus payroll calculations. In fact, utilizing Excel is the only real alternative available. CompenSafe eliminates the repetitive, manual calculations and dual data entry from the mortgage lending process, making for increased efficiency, productivity, and branch profitability.

In addition to utilizing the automated compensation feature, CompenSafe LO Dashboard is providing Churchill Mortgage’s 100 loan officers and users with never before seen insight into analytics, reporting, profitability, pipelines and so much more. From scorecards that monitor Key Performance Indicators to diligent data management and reporting, CompenSafe is helping set Churchill Mortgage up for an efficient 2015.

About LBA Ware: LBA Ware lending and banking automation software’s deliver invaluable technical solutions to the mortgage and retail banking industry. LBA Ware is comprised of motivated software engineers with a banking background and understand the business challenges facing lenders in today’s fast-paced, compliance-centric world. LBA Ware’s three premier applications – CompenSafe, DRAW, and LOS Talker – remain focused on maximizing lenders efficiency through workflow and data integration so lenders no longer need to spend hours manually managing their loans and instead can focus on originating. For more information about LBA Ware and their software solutions, visit or follow the company on Twitter @LBAWare and Facebook  For media inquiries, email

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