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Incentivize Performance
with CompenSafe

CompenSafe simplifies the compensation process by eliminating the need to manage payroll on spreadsheets. By seamlessly integrating with your LOS, CompenSafe automatically calculates and allocates all compensation as soon as loans close and fund. With CompenSafe, you get latitude to be creative, control to remain profitable, and transparency to empower your employees.

Inspire Results
with LimeGear

Transform strategy into actionable insights with LimeGear, the business intelligence and performance management platform exclusively for mortgage lenders. With real-time information, LimeGear gives your employees the information they need to be more productive with their day.
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Client Success Stories

BBMC Mortgage Slashes its Compensation Processing Time by 95%

With CompenSafe’s seamless integration with Ellie Mae’s Encompass, BBMC Mortgage now automates the entire commission calculation process.

Silverton Mortgage Motivates Sales Team & Bolsters Performance

CompenSafe makes it easy for management to evaluate the effectiveness of incentive plans and roll out motivational challenges that drive success.

Mann Mortgage Gains Cost-Efficiency & Flexibility for LO Comp

CompenSafe gives branch managers the latitude they seek to be creative with compensation while also protecting the bottom line.

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