Automated Mortgage Lending Commission Calculations

CompenSafe is an innovative compensation calculation software that tracks every formula, draw, adjustment, allocation, and incentive for your loan officers, processors, sales managers, branch managers, and anyone else paid based on loan volume or units closed.
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CompenSafe really is an extraordinarily useful tool for tracking loans and compensation and for setting up comp structures. It has helped us manage all of this much more effectively.”

Brandon Palma
HR Coordinator, Churchill Mortgage Corporation

Say goodbye to managing payroll on spreadsheets.

CompenSafe simplifies your compensation process and removes the pain points associated with manually managing payroll on spreadsheets. It automatically calculates and allocates payroll per loan, employee, and pay period based on your compensation structures as soon as loans close. It easily handles all types of compensation structures including tiers, splits, adjustments, overrides, and lead source. With CompenSafe — no compensation structure is too complex.

Significantly reduce your payroll process by hours.

CompenSafe eases the manual calculations and dual data entry of managing your mortgage lending payroll on spreadsheets. By connecting all your data, you can manage, audit, analyze, and report commissions and bonuses from one place. Through automation, the time spent on completing compensation reports each payroll period is greatly reduced, giving you time to focus on generating revenue. 

Save time with point-and-click payroll.

With the click of a button, you can export payroll files ready for immediate upload to your payroll processing system. CompenSafe comes with out of the box export files for ADP, Alliance Payroll Services AllPay, ExponentHR, Paychex, Paycom, Paycor, and Paylocity. In addition, you can export your general ledger journal for any pay date for AMB, FIS Bankway, Prologue, Multiview, and more!

CompenSafe saves my department over 100 hours per month.”

Ingrid Braud
VP Accounting Manager, PrimeLending

Commission calculations are going from complicated spreadsheet calculations to a simple push of the button.”

Amy Reynolds
Mortgage Lenders of America

Where Spreadsheets Fall Short, CompenSafe Comes Through

Multi-tabbed spreadsheets

Cross checking compensation agreements

Inherited risks associated with spreadsheets

Repurposing data for payroll processor

Continuous integration with your LOS

Pre-defined compensation schedules 

Automatically calculates and records every transaction

Point-and-click exporting of itemized payroll data for any payroll processing system. 

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