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LBA Ware CompenSafe Automated Compensation and Lender Performance
The mortgage industry can be tough – managing compensation for your loan originators and operational staff shouldn’t be. With CompenSafe, you gain the flexibility to implement creative compensation plans for recruiting and retaining top talent while eliminating the complexity of managing multiple compensation plans manually. As the mortgage industry’s first web-based software for automated compensation calculations, CompenSafe gives your mortgage company unparalleled control over compensation – something that spreadsheets simply can’t provide. By bridging the gap between your LOS and payroll system, CompenSafe equips your payroll department to eliminate manual data entry and human errors; arms your branch managers with a wealth of actionable insight into LO and operational staff performance and profitability; and updates your sales teams of the status of their compensation in real time. Get CompenSafe today to get your systems integrated, your processes automated, your performance measured, and your mortgage lending operations redefined.

Automated LO Compensation Calculations

CompenSafe alleviates manual calculation and dual data entry by automating your loan officer commissions, processor bonuses, and other commission based employees payroll calculations. CompenSafe helps your branch greatly reduce the time spent on completing compensation reports each payroll period. Lend confidently knowing all your transactions are automatically tied to detailed loan records and reports.

Lender Performance Monitoring Made Easy

CompenSafe’s thorough Scorecards are the ideal way for your loan officers, branch managers, and company stakeholders to measure key performance indicators at the employee, branch, region, and company levels. Scorecards provide an efficient way to monitor sales activity, operational activity, progress and movement, and uncover trends by having the metrics that matter most at your fingertips.

Unlock Your Lending Potential

Integrating with your LOS, CompenSafe provides intuitive, on-demand sales and operational insight into your mortgage lending productivity. Its visual snapshots of your loan activity offer sales teams pipeline management tools for evaluating success, opportunities, and areas in need of improvement. CompenSafe provides a range of pipeline management tools that help guide strategy and unlock your lending potential.

Mortgage Lending Performance Overview

CompenSafe’s LO Dashboard is your entry point to efficiently managing your mortgage lending. The Dashboard allows quick analysis into high-level summary data that guides you to loan level details without having to spend time running multiple reports among various systems.

Complete Visibility into Loan Portfolio

The Report Directory makes it easy to generate reports throughout the entire mortgage lending process. From sales leads to pipelines, total funding to customer satisfaction survey results, the Report Directory is your resource for accessing the reports necessary for managing your lending efficiently.

Of all the software implementations we’ve been through, CompenSafe is the most value-laden and best bang for the buck.”

Stephen Bennett, BBMC Mortgage

With CompenSafe seamlessly embedded into your workflow you gain a realm of insight into your mortgage lending performance, production, and profitability without having to add any additional steps to the loan origination process. Request a live demo to see how CompenSafe will help you engage in optimized and efficient lending.