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CompenSafe Update – July 12, 2016

NEW! Payroll and Balance Summary

This new screen lets you view a snapshot of your net pay and unpaid draw balance for each pay period. To view this new page, from the Payroll menu, click My Pay.

 New CompenSafe Payroll Snapshot Page 

To view the Payroll Commission and Bonus Summary report that was previously linked from My Pay on the Payroll menu,

  1. From the Report menu, click All.
  2. From the Report Directory, click Payroll.
  3. Click Payroll Commission and Bonus Summary.
NOTE: Payroll menu links have not changed for Access Level 5 users.

NEW! Employee Details Log

New CompenSafe Employee Details LogView the change log of major events made to employees CompenSafe accounts. This new audit tool captures details regarding account activations and changes or updates made to employee compensation plans.

To view an employee’s log,

  1. From the CompenSafe main menu, click the address book icon ().
  2. From the Company Directory, click the name of the employee you want to view.
  3. From the Employee Details page, click Log.
NOTE: Employee Details Log is only available to users with manager access level and above.

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