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Exciting Changes Coming to CompenSafe


Paylocity 2016 Export File

  1. From the CompenSafe menu, click Payroll.
  2. From the Corporate Administration of Commission Compensations page under Corporate Payroll, click Export Payroll category.
  3. From the Payroll Export dialog box Export Format drop down list, select Paylocity 2016.
  4. Select date from Pay Date drop down list.
  5. Click Continue.
new exciting changes coming soon to compensafe



CompenSafe New Menu mockup

A new and improved menu is coming to CompenSafe. The new menu is better organized to help you get to where you need to be faster. Detailed instructions and help files for using the new menu will be emailed in the coming weeks.

NEW Auto Draw


Create recurring draw transactions for automatic draws (debits to employees) and guaranteed minimums (credits to employees). Included in this new CompenSafe payroll feature is the ability to:

  • Automate non-recoverable draws,
  • Automate recoverable draws & set recapture date, &
  • Assign to all employees including loan originators, assistants, professors, sales managers, branch managers, underwriters, and more.

Not using CompenSafe? Request a live demo to learn more about our automated mortgage compensation and loan pipeline management software.

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