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CompenSafe Update – March 2016

NEW! Pipeline by Estimated Closing Date
New filter allows you to view your loan pipeline by the estimated closing date. Apply this filter to view loans with an estimated closing date in This Month, Next Month, or All.
  • This Mo: Filters pipeline to show only loans with an estimated closing (Est Close) date in the current calendar month. Loans in UW or CLSG (loan status) with Est Close set to a date in a previous month will also be included. 
  • Next Mo: Filters pipeline to report only loans with an Est Close date set for the next calendar month. 
  • All: Default view, displays all loans in pipeline regardless of the Est Close dates.
NEW! Appraisal Received In Process Email*
Automatically send an email to your borrowers, buyer agents, and listing agents to notify them that you’ve received their appraisal. Customize who should be notified on the In Process Email Settings page in CompenSafe. 
*Availability varies by company
  1. From the CompenSafe Menu, click Main Menu.
  2. From the Main Menu page, click Email Settings.
  3. Click In Process Emails.
  4. From the In Process Loan Email Settings page, check or uncheck the checkboxes for each person. The appraisal received email has the option to be sent to the Borrower, Co-Borrower, Listing Agent, Selling Agent, Loan Originator (LO), Loan Officer Assistant (LOA), and Processor (PR).
CompenSafe In Process Email Appraisal Received
Updated! New Pipeline Activity Reports
All New Pipeline Activity reports now lists the date ordered (if applicable) and date received to indicate the most recent activity on the loan. To view,
  1. From the CompenSafe menu, click Reports.
  2. From the Report Directory, click Pipeline & Activity.
  3. Click the New Pipeline Activity report you wish to view.
New Pipeline Activity Reports Available:

  • New Pipeline Activity: 4506-T
  • New Pipeline Activity: Applications Received
  • New Pipeline Activity: Appraisals (ordered and/or received)
  • New Pipeline Activity: Cancelled, Denied, or Withdrawn
  • New Pipeline Activity: Credit Reports (ordered and/or received)
  • New Pipeline Activity: Funds ordered
  • New Pipeline Activity: Hazard Insurance (ordered and/or received)
  • New Pipeline Activity: Title Reports (ordered and/or received)
Updated! Override Schedule Builder
The new picker tool makes it easy to select multiple or all options available for an override schedule while in edit mode. For read only mode, the criteria applied to the override schedule is listed in the Selected box.

For more information about using the new picker tool, read Understanding CompenSafe Overrides in our Knowledge Base.

CompenSafe Override Schedule Selected Options

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