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July 2015 CompenSafe SaaS Update

CompenSafe received its monthly software update over the weekend. This update includes new features, export options, and bug fixes to help you better optimize managing your mortgage lending practices. Continue reading to learn all about this month’s update.

Two New Payroll Export Format Options
CompenSafe added two more payroll export formats to better assist you with processing payroll each pay period.
  • ADP Short: Condensed file for ADP payroll systems. The file contains employee name, earnings code, and earnings amount.
  • Paylocity: Export payroll for seamless integration with Paylocity payroll system.
New Inactivate Allocation Rules Feature

Inactivate an allocation rule to remove it from the Add New Allocation Rule Allocation list without deleting it from active employees already assigned to the allocation. 

To inactivate an allocation rule in CompenSafe,

  1. On the menu, click Allocations
  2. Click on the allocation rule you want to inactivate
  3. On the View Allocation Rule Details page, click Edit Allocation
  4. On the Edit Allocation Rule page, type  the effective date in the Inactivation Date text box. 
    • Note: Leaving the text box blank will set the Inactivation Date as the Stop Date of the current payroll period by default.
  5. Click Inactivate Only

You will automatically be brought back to the View Allocation Rule Details page. The Activation Date will now include the selected inactivation date, in red.

Re-activate the allocation rule at any time by clicking Activate from the Edit Allocation Rule page.
New Process for Inactivating Terminated Employees in CompenSafe
If your LOS does not track specific termination dates, we’ve added an inactivation grace period as a company parameter that will control when CompenSafe user accounts are inactivated.

If an employee’s LOS account remains inactive for the entire grace period – default is 7 days – the employee’s CompenSafe account will become inactive. Administrators can immediately inactivate an employee’s CompenSafe account in the Employee Directory Record.

Since CompenSafe will not auto-populate the Termination date for an employee if it is not specifically reported by the LOS, we recommend that administrators input the exact termination date of employees in CompenSafe. CompenSafe only stops compensation schedules or allocations if rules have been set up to stop compensation following a termination event.


LOS reports Adam Smythe from Big Home Loans as Inactive on 7/3/15. With the 7 day grace period for user inactivation,

  • Adam Smythe remains inactive all 7 days, his CompenSafe Inactivated Date is 7/10/15. Adam can no longer log in to his CompenSafe account.
  • Adam Smythe’s CompenSafe Terminated Date remains blank and no compensation rules are changed until an admin from Big Home Loans manually enters Adam’s termination date into his Employee Directory Record.
  • If a Big Home Loan’s admin sets Adam’s CompenSafe Terminated Date as 7/10/15, then any pre-configured compensation auto-stop rules are executed based on this termination date of 7/10/15.
Inactivate a terminated employee’s CompenSafe account in the employee’s Employee Directory Record,
  1. From the terminated employee’s Employee Directory Record page, click Edit.
  2. Uncheck Active checkbox
  3. Uncheck Allow Login checkbox
  4. Type date terminated in Termination text box
  5. Click Save Record
CompenSafe automatically updates both Inactivated and Terminated dates if it is provided via the web service from your LOS, data warehouse, or HR system. 
At the time of the CompenSafe update, the only Loan Origination Systems that populate Inactive and Terminated dates are D+H MortgageBot and Dorado.

Below is an example of how CompenSafe automatically updates an employee’s account:

LOS reports Adam Smythe from Big Home Loans as Inactive on 7/10/15. CompenSafe automatically sets Adam’s,

  • Terminated Date as 7/10/15. Any pre-configured compensation auto-stop rules are executed based on his Terminated Date of 7/10/15
  • Inactivated Date as 7/10/15. Adam Smythe can no longer log in to his CompenSafe account

Contact us at if you have any additional questions about the July CompenSafe update. 

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