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May 2015 CompenSafe SaaS Update

LBA Ware published the May 2015 updates to CompenSafe SaaS last night. This month features new enhancements, reports, and bug fixes to better optimize your lending performance and compensation.


Administrators now have the ability to update more employee and branch fields in Directory profile pages.

  • Please note, manual updates will be overwritten nightly for any fields imported directly from your LOS. When in edit mode, fields that may be overwritten by LOS imports are highlighted in red.

Compensation Schedules

  • 3 new tabs have been added to the Compensation Schedule creation module
    • Include: Option to only include loans in override, units and volume if referral loan source(s) match selected criteria. Also have option to add originated but referred out loans in override, units and volume.
    • Exclude: Option to exclude loans that meet checked off criteria from Tier Units/Volume or override and units.
    • Notes: Space for you to include notes regarding the compensation schedule.
  • Overrides* for Employees
    To give a full view of compensation, an Overrides for Employees section has been added to Employee Compensation Schedules (for applicable users only).  *Please note, override calculations have not been turned on yet
    • Compensation Schedule for Employee > Overrides for Employees > Add Employee to Override
  • Allocation Rules for Employees
    If an employee is the target of an allocation rule, the allocation will now be listed on the employee’s individual compensation plan screen. It is rare to have to do this manually, however sometimes allocations such as shared splits or outside allocations don’t always get displayed.
    • Compensation Schedule for Employee > Add Employee to Allocation

Assignment Groups

  • The administration and mapping of your LOS Assignment Groups to CompenSafe Assignment Groups is now available within the Admin Main Menu.
    • Admin > Main Menu > Compensation Administration > Manage Assignment Groups

Payroll Integration

  • New AllPay Export Option
    You now have the ability to export payroll for AllPay

    • Manage Corp > Payroll > Corporate Payroll > Export Payroll – Choose the format and save as CSV
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