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Latest CompenSafe Updates, Newest Features & Bug Fixes.

LBA Ware published updates to CompenSafe SaaS over the weekend. This month features new enhancements, dashboard screens, updates, and bug fixes to better optimize your lending performance and compensation.

  • Redesigned Corporate Administration Menu 

    CompenSafe collapsable menu

    The Corporate Administration screen now uses an accordion-style menu. Functioning similar to the report directory and payroll screen, this expand/collapse menu group’s items by category for better organization and accessibility.

    Admin > Main Menu 

  • Loan Status Administration 

    CompenSafe Loan status Administration

    Set your CompenSafe loan statuses to be mapped to your LOS’ loan statuses.

    Admin > Main Menu > Loan Administration > Set Loan Statuses

  • Loan Types Administration

    CompenSafe Loan Product Type Admin

    Map your LOS’ mortgage loan product to the CompenSafe loan type directly in CompenSafe.

    As CompenSafe loads all new mortgage products from the LOS, it will automatically assign the specified loan type. If CompenSafe cannot find a matching loan type, it will assign it as “other.” Your administrator will then be able to map it to the correct loan type. 

    This is especially helpful for companies that are paying wholesale account executives different commission rates based on the loan type. 

    Admin > Main Menu > Loan Administration > Set Product Loan Type

  • Loan Details

    CompenSafe loan locked date

    Loan Details now provide the Locked Down date for the loan. This will clarify when a locked loan stopped receiving updates from your LOS.

  • Compensation Schedules

    CompenSafe tiered compensation schedules

    The compensation tier table now automatically sorts each tier level based on the measure type (ex. unit, volume, or units when measured by units and volume). This simplifies adding new tier levels to existing schedules.

  • Overrule Allocations

    To prevent any confusion, we now identify bonus or commission override allocations as overrule allocations.

    An overrule allocation adds a new compensation schedule BPS or dollar mount, replacing any previously assigned compensation schedule BS or dollar amount.

  • New Functionality for Schedules and Allocations

    Schedule and allocation rules now have a default start date. Start dates will default to the first day of the current pay period.

    >> You no longer need to contact LBA Ware when you want to backdate start dates.

    >> Changing the start date will not impact historical payments. If a change is made on a loan that was already paid out, causing previous pay to be altered, LBA Ware will receive an audit email that a manual payment adjustment is required.

    >> If the loan is still in a tier period (second half of the month), the system will automatically apply the change per the new schedule.

  • ADP Payroll Export

    You now have the option to include termination date in your ADP abbreviation payroll exports.CompenSafe export payroll option

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