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Latest CompenSafe Update Features Great New Enhancements, Updates, and Bug Fixes.

LBA Ware’s CompenSafe SaaS went through its February update over the weekend. Featuring new enhancements, dashboard screens, updates, and bug fixes, the update is sure to provide you with the tools to lend efficiently.

  • New Dashboard Functionality: New dashboard functionality now lets you CompenSafe LO Dashboard loans locked for volume by product type and volume by loan type analysisanalyze closed and funded loan volume to rate locked volume.  Simply click the SHOW LOCKED check box on the dashboard panel and you’ll see graphs along with corresponding pie charts for volume by product type and volume by loan type.

  • Loan Type Mapping for LOS Products: Set Product loan typeAdministration of loan types and mapping to your LOS mortgage loan product is now available in the new Administration screen. Mapping of LOS mortgage loan products to CompenSafe loan types is helpful for those paying wholesale account executives different commission rates based on the loan type.  CompenSafe will load all new mortgage loan products from LOS and will link it to a specific loan type within the SaaS. Default loan types include 203K, Bond, Conf, First-Time HB, FHA, HELOC, Jumbo, Reverse, USDA, and VA.   If the new mortgage loan product can’t be matched to a valid loan type, CompenSafe will assign it as other.  Then, your administrator has the option to map the correct loan yype to the LOS mortgage loan program product name.

  • Optimized Live Help feature: We have collaborated with Zendesk to now provide new live help functionality. CS live helpWhen you need help or have a question, click on the new CompenSafe HELP button and enter your question or keyword. CompenSafe will automatically scan our knowledge base for your answer. Any articles that match your issue will be displaced. If the results still don’t provide you with the help you need, you may choose to chat with one of our CompenSafe specialists.  Each chat discussion creates a Zendesk Ticket to ensure that we answer all chat requests in a timely answer. Plus, you will receive a copy of the discussion thread for future reference.

  • Redesigned Region Directory Details for better managing corporate and branch payroll

  • Expandable menus for Better Organization within the Corporate CompenSafe expandable report directory for optimized mortgage lendingand Branch Manager Administration Screens. Similar to our REPORT DIRECTORY, this type of menu groups items in categories in an effort to organize items and make them easier to find.

  • More Intuitive Reporting:

  • Compensation Confirmation ReportsCompenSafe compensation confirmation reports now list the assign group date and LO agreement uploaded date

  • Lock date and disbursement date now included in Audit Reports (loans with unknown commission schedules), Commissions Reports, and Closed Loan Detail Reports

  • Employee numbers CompenSafe Loan Volume by Assignment Roleincluded in Loan Volume by Assignment Role Report

  • Branch name and branch number now listed in Pipeline+ and Funded+ reports

  • Submitted to Underwriting loans funded by type or purpose submitted to underwritingdate added to Loans Funded by Type/Purpose Report and on the Closed Loan Detail dashboard

  • View lock date on Loans Funded by Type/Purpose Report

  • Pipeline+ Reports now pull from any loan assignee 

  • New Payroll Compensation Summary Report CompenSafe new payroll compensation summary report

  • New email alerts will automatically be sent out when loans have a pay date assigned outside of an expected pay period.  Although this is a fairly rare, it is normally due to the fact that we receive a milestone or key date (Closed/Disbursed/Funded) after a pay period was locked down. 

  • Edit Employee-Level Maximum Recapture Payroll Percent for Individual Draw Reports

    Each employee can have a maximum percent pay recapture rate set. For any outstanding draw balance, the max pay recap percent will limit the amount to be paid back. Note that the maximum recapture payroll percent field is per employee and not per draw.   

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