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What’s New with REM
December 2014 Updates

Over the weekend we launched new features within the State Bank & Trust Real Estate Management (REM) application.

With these new features, users now have:

• Access to a new Builder Invoices tool that allows users to search for builder invoices within REM Reports and see available invoice PDFs for download and printing. Search for invoices by date range or view all invoices and sort by Guarantee Name, Maser Guideline, or Report name – whichever is most relevant to your specific situation,

• A new security role for Administrators to assign which users have the ability to approve and deny draws,

• A Child Master Guideline indicator now appears in the line level column when viewing the Master Guideline grid,

• Direct link to LBA Ware’s new support system in REM’s footer for faster and more organized user support, and

• Bug fixes along with on-going maintenance updates.

 LBA Ware strive’s to continuously make updates to all our products as our promise for providing exceptional software solutions for mortgage & retail banking. Along with our customized applications for State Bank & Trust, we have three industry leading applications designed by banking industry insiders for the banking industry. Organize, Automate, Maximize your lending solutions today with CompenSafe, LOS Talker, and DRAW.





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