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What’s New with CompenSafe – June 2014 Updates

16 June 2014

Which reports are your favorite?; select them just as you would “star” your internet browser bookmarks for quick access.
Selecting a favorite:
There is now a “star” icon to the left of each report inside the report directory. Simply click the star next to your favorite report(s), making the star solid gold. The report will now copy from under the header to the top of the page for quick visibility and access.

Forget a favorite:
If you decide you would like to remove a report from the list of favorites, click the solid gold star to “inactivate” and remove the report from the top of the page.CS Feature Release - Report Directory Favorites

Allocate Commissions to more than just Loan Officers; allocations can now be set up for any role.
This change to allocations allows for commissions to be paid to anyone working on the loan. Set up the new allocations just as they have been set up before for Loan Officers, but notice that there is now and “Assigned To:” drop-down box that will allow for the selection of any role assignment group. The selected role will now become part of the payment calculation.

CS Feature Release - Allocation Rules for other Assignees



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