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What’s New with CompenSafe – March 2014 Updates

27 March 2014

Enhanced Security:
All users will be asked to change their EOT password every 90 or 120 days (as defined by company profile).

Users will be locked out of their account for a designated time period if they input their password wrong 5 times.

User Password Requirements:
–          Contain at least one number.
–          Contain at least one upper case letter and at least one lower case letter.
–          Must be at least 8 characters in length.
–          Password must be unique for at least three resets.
–          After 5 unsuccessful attempts your account will be locked.
–          Every 90 days, user will be required to change their password

Employee Loan Compensation Allocation:
“Employee Loan” flags have been added.  This allows companies to set up rules for paying different compensation on loans where the borrower is an employee of the company.

Report Access Update:
The Report Directory pop-ups from all Report screens so that the user can easily search & select a new report from the popup window.

Comprehensive Branch and Sub-Branch View:
Companies may choose to see all sub- and main branches in their Branch drop down menus.  The default is to list only the main branches in the Branch drop downs.  If a company prefers to see sub-branches listed alongside the main branches, this is now a company parameter that can be turned on or off depending on the company’s preferences.

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