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What’s New with CompenSafe – April 2014 Updates

14 April 2014

Today is 04.14.14, in keeping with the theme we have 4 items  to share with you regarding updates to CompenSafe.

Standardization of Loans “In the Pipeline”; our definition for “Pipeline” is below:
Pipeline Loans:
A loan is in the Pipeline if it is a viable loan with activity and transitioning through statuses toward the closing table.
— Loans are in the Pipeline if they are Locked or have had activity in last 60 days. For “Activity”, we look for recent dates of application, submitted to processing, submitted to underwriting, approved or approved with conditions, submitted to closing, docs ordered, or appraisal/title ordered.
— Closed/Funded, Cancelled, Denied, or Withdrawn (CDW), and loans with expired locks (before 1st day of prior month) are not in the Pipeline.
— Loans with recently expired locks are in the Pipeline, unless the expiration date is prior to the 1st day of the previous month. This coincides with the Dashboard, which shows activity for “this month” and the “previous month”.

The Compensation Verification screen has been simplified.
We first pushed this out with a hierarchical report structure where the loan record was visible on one line in a summary format with detailed commission/bonus records grouped under the summary line. This proved to be a bit cumbersome for users trying to quickly check down their loans and mark them as Verified. The new flattened report should be a more simplistic view of the records.

The “Report Directory” has been reworked to provide a more consolidated and fast approach to searching, running, and displaying reports. The Select Report button pops up a small window where the user can search and select a new report to view.

Coming Soon: users will have the ability to “star” specific reports as save them as favorites to quick access.

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