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What’s New with CompenSafe
November 2013 Updates

As an instrument, the accordion may only be appreciated by a small sampling of music connoisseurs, but as a software tool, most can agree that the accordion is an efficient way to view and interact with data lists.


Check out the new squeezebox view in CompenSafe. We are calling it the Report Directory. It can be found by clicking “Reports” from your left navigation menu.


Be honest, you hate scrolling. This new view gives you the ability to expand and collapse report list within various report headers. Looking for a sales activity? No need to scroll through production and pipeline to get there. Simply collapse the sections you don’t want to view and expand the category that you are interested in. No scrolling required!


If you are unsure about a category, but you know of a key word associated with the report you are looking for, you can type the word(s) in to the search box and the Report Directory will filter out the reports which include that key word in the title or description.


real estate

 Pretty nifty?… we think so.

Now excuse us while we satisfy our sudden craving for a little schnitzel and polka dancing.



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