Optimizing Mortgage Lending & Retail Banking Management Through Automation and Integration

As the mortgage industry’s only web-based software for automated loan officer commission and bonus calculations, CompenSafe LO Dashboard increases branch efficiency, productivity and profitability by eliminating repetitive, manual calculations and dual data entry.

Integrating with industry leading LOS & lead management CRM software providers, LOS Talker replaces the need for loan officers to manually update loan data files & risk missing in-process marketing & sales opportunities that often occur with existing spreadsheet management systems.

Construction lending management is simplified with DRAW, our online database that assists in the day-to-day oversight of loan portfolios by leveraging data integration between onsite third-party inspectors, bank personnel, and builders.
Our software applications help 1000’s of lenders engage in optimized and efficient lending.
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Our thorough Scorecards are the ideal way for your branch managers and users to evaluate success and monitor key performance indicators and their operational activity on branch, regional and overall company levels.
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From sales leads to loan officer pipelines, total funding to customer satisfaction survey results, the Report Factory is your resource for accessing granular data and generating reports necessary to perform your job efficiently.
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Providing total visibility, Dashboards let you quickly review high-level summary data or drill-down to specific low-level data to make well-informed decisions without having to spend time running multiple reports on disparate systems.
Lending & Banking Automation Software (LBA Ware) is driving innovation in mortgage and retail banking operations. Our software applications are engineered by motivated developers who understand the business challenges facing lenders in today’s fast-paced, compliance-centric world. We are leveraging automation to ease the pain points associated with manual data entry and helping lenders maximize productivity and operational efficiency. If your lending process repeatedly requires updating a multi-tabbed spreadsheet, then chances are we can help.
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LBA Ware has demonstrated an impressive ability to distill complex processes down to their constituent parts, eliminate redundancies, automate analysis and reporting, validate information and structure a control environment satisfactory to senior management, regulators and auditors. We are very pleased with LBA’s work and recommend this company highly.”

Mark Driver SVP, State Bank & Trust